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The general terms and conditions of the contract between the service provider and the service purchaser.

These terms and conditions govern your booking and receipt of our services, products and gifts. These terms and conditions also govern our and your use of this website www.riga-tour.lv.

Please read these general reservation conditions carefully, as by paying for our services you automatically agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

1) Our actions

Our actions are based on the protection of your personal – personal data in connection with your reservation, purchase and receipt of our services, products and gifts.

2) Scope and effect.

These booking conditions on this website apply in full to all tours, on all our coaches and to the customer service of our firm. The terms and conditions apply equally to all residents anywhere in the world, including Latvia.

3) The status of our “Agent” is determined by the contract between us and the “Agent” and is also governed by these terms and conditions. In all cases these terms and conditions apply to any seller of our services and products. Or the issuing of gifts. The names and contact details of “Agents” or sellers of our services can be viewed on the booking confirmation/voucher.  If we are acting as an Agent, all terms and conditions of service are determined by the service provider.

4) General terms and conditions for receiving services and products from other independent suppliers and their agents are determined by the terms and conditions which they determine. You should therefore familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions for booking and receiving their services or product. Our firm is naturally not responsible for the quality of their performance of their obligations under their booking conditions.

5) Scope of package tours and rules of package tours

(Combi Ticket)

If you decide to make one or more bookings with us at the same time, please note that whatever products you book, each booking is a separate booking, a separate service or product no matter what type of Ticket/Voucher you receive.

The only exception is when you book our services with tour operators that are included in a package with accommodation. Such bookings are, of course, single bookings, Then the necessary insurance scheme for possible financial losses of this tour operator applies!

For all our services and products listed in packages of other operators, we guarantee that any money you have paid will be refunded to you via those operators or Agents and this condition applies if you have a valid claim or if the reservation service cannot be provided by us or our independent partners.

We do not guarantee that the general terms and conditions listed on these pages are appropriate and/or valid for use in other jurisdictions or where “content” is illegal and/or inappropriate.

You may only use our website for lawful purposes and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out herein.

It is assumed that the person making the booking accepts the terms and conditions also on behalf of all persons named in the booking.

A special reminder!

6) Your payment of the booking confirms that you agree to the terms of this agreement to receive our services, products and whether gifts.

When we send you an invoice for payment and you pay it, a binding contract arises between us and you for the performance and consumption of the reserved services governed by this contract.

Our general terms and conditions and those of any third party or agent reservations are applicable to the person who has made the booking and to all parties who have applied to receive services, products or gifts under this contract.

7) Specific terms and conditions.

7.1) Prices and price changes

As our main service is audio guided bus tours in Riga with hop-on-hop-off commentary we will set our own prices for our services and may change them promptly on this website without prior announcement, but this will not change the price for you if the change was made later than payment for your booking.

For third party bookings it is possible that the prices on the website may change after you have made your booking. If there is a significant price change after you have made your booking we will give you details of the change as soon as possible. And if you wish, we will give you a refund.

7.2) Changes we have made to your booking.

We and all the organisers do our best to notify you of any material changes to the terms and conditions of the service contract, product.

If you do not want to accept the change, we can offer you an alternative offer, possibly with a revised price.

Otherwise the booking will be cancelled and the money you spent on the booking will be refunded, without further compensation from us.

7.3) Cases of force majeure

-are force majeure events which are beyond our control and you will suffer loss or damage of any kind.

In this case no compensation or liability can be given to you unless we and all service providers are able to offer the service in full or to make a partial replacement. 

An event of force majeure is one which cannot be foreseen or avoided even with due care and it includes but is not limited to war, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, industrial disputes and natural disasters, any disaster, unacceptably bad weather forecasts, acts of government of unavoidable force. Changed road conditions are not within the service provider’s control.

7.4) If you have a complaint

If you have reason to complain during the tour, you should inform the tour leader immediately so that immediate action can be taken to rectify the problem.

Failure to report your complaint at the time of its cause may result in the loss of your rights.

In addition, the complaint must, as soon as possible, be forwarded to our firm’s dispatcher. 

The support we offer you to resolve your complaint about the services and products of our independent suppliers depends solely on our services as an intermediary (as set out in Section 3).

We will respond to written complaints within one month, after investigating the subject of the complaint.

The health and safety standards that apply to the services you book with us comply with EU regulations.

All of our tours are insured, in accordance with Latvian Visitor Services Act.

If you have a complaint about the safety standards you encounter, you should report it to your tour leader at the time of travel. Or to our company’s dispatcher.

7.5) Prices and payment

We charge by cash or credit card

– Mastercard

– Visa (Visa Electron)


– PayPal

Full payment by credit card is required to complete a remote booking. The payment will be shown on the card statement.

Unless otherwise stated, prices here on the website and in our brochures are per person.

Prices are based on market rates at the time of offer, and may vary between packages (Combi Ticket) and additional promotions.

The final price is indicated on the coach ticket at the time of purchase. And you can check it before you pay.

Please note!

The price of admission to other attractions, museums, exhibitions, etc. may not be included in the tour price.

Any applicable exit fees – entry, security, parking, fuel, customs and immigration, as well as international transport taxes – may not be part of the service we offer at their initial cost.

Also not included are tips for staff, drivers and guides on site, charges for passports, visas, luggage and other insurance, food and drink, toilets, which are not included in the product description of the service, and all other personal matters.

You must have sufficient personal funds to cover these costs.

Some of our products may include additional charges such as for parking spaces, guides, entrance fees to attractions, fuel charges in addition to the price quoted on this website.

You have to pay these directly to get the relevant service. You will receive a receipt for payment directly from the vendor.

The website will tell you what fees are included and what fees are excluded.

If it is not us who provide the additional service, please also refer to the general terms and conditions of the respective tour operator before making any deposits.

Naturally, we cannot be held liable for the quality of the service provided by the postal service provider and we do not accept any claims.

7.6) Special requests by the customer.

At the time of booking, please let us know of any special requests for services or facilities that are not automatically part of your booking.

We will contact the responsible service provider and try to accommodate your requirements.

Please note, however, that compliance with such requests cannot be guaranteed.

7.7) Changes to booking services.

Please note that it is generally not possible to change a reservation already confirmed unless the reservation is cancelled and a new reservation is made.

The cancellation fees set out in point 8 apply.

For bookings made after cancellation, the prices as of the day on which the new booking was made apply.

Please check your booking details carefully to ensure that all other independent tour details match those you have booked with us or through an Agent as we will not be liable for any costs that may arise as a result of your mistakes or lack of care.

7.8) Cancellation of confirmed or paid bookings

If for any reason you decide to cancel your booking, the amount received under the cancellation policy will be credited to your credit card account.

You may be charged a cancellation fee. The cost of the cancellation policy varies depending on the damages incurred. Usually it is 10% of the tour price.

See Details and relevant charges at the end of the relevant product description. In the event of a cancellation you will be notified of the cancellation fee by email, fax or telephone.

For bookings for which confirmation is pending, you need to note the following: Some of our activities for you must be confirmed.

This confirmation process may take up to two days and we will not be able to accept further requests until we have received confirmation.

Once your booking has been confirmed you may cancel or change your booking within 24 hours. After this deadline, the terms and conditions of your booking may change.

Once you have confirmed our offer, the reservation contract becomes effective. A deposit of 10% of the price of the service or product is required. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the guarantee amount is non-refundable.

This policy applies to all products sold by our firm. Unless otherwise stated in the product description.

7.9) Voucher (Ticket, Boarding Pass)

Riga-Sightseeing buses ( hop-on-hop-off) sell vouchers for each passenger directly on the bus, as well as through their consultants.

When purchasing Combi Ticket (can be only on board of bus) you will receive separate Boarding Passes for each passenger.

If you purchased the service from an Agent (hotel). The Agent will issue a Boarding Pass or a Voucher with the name of the tour.

When getting on the bus for the first time you must validate the Ticket/Voucher/Boarding Pass by the bus driver.

Please note! Ticket, bought online, is valid only for the next day.

The organizer of the tour can cancel your Voucher if the identity card, credit card/gift certificate and signature do not correspond to the main traveler.

If a group ticket is purchased at the group price, one Boarding Pass is issued for the entire group. Payment for the tour is accepted in one sum.

The coach driver, steward, or attendant in charge reserves the right to cancel, change or replace any service or part of it, as well as to refuse or accept any participant in the tour at any time, stating the reason, for example if there is no legitimisation or if the number of participants is too high. Or low. If passengers do not behave correctly or do not conform to generally accepted rules or standards of etiquette. Late or absent.

Ticket/Voucher/Boarding refunds are possible only if they are not stamped in the place where the service/tour started.

The Ticket/Voucher/Boarding will be reimbursed by the Ticket Voucher/Boarding seller. 

Tickets/Vouchers/Boardings, not fully used, will not be refunded.

Any Ticket/Voucher/Bording remains valid only three months from the date of payment. After that period the conditions for replacement, refund and reimbursement no longer apply.

7.10) Child Ticket.

When purchasing a child ticket, a parent or accompanying parent must present a document proving the age of the child. If there is no such document, the organizer of the tour may refuse to serve the child’s ticket.

The child’s proof of age may be checked by any boarding staff member.

7.11) Passport/visa and medical requirements.

All participants, irrespective of their nationality, are required to have an identity card. If the tour goes beyond the Latvian border, the participant is required to have his/her passport and visa (if required).

We do not accept any liability to you if you or your travelling companion travels in contravention of regulations without proper passport or visa.

7.12) Liability

The health and safety standards which apply to the services you book with us comply with EU regulations.

All our tours are insured, in accordance with Latvian Tourist Board Act.

All our buses have governmental licences for occasional passenger transport and passenger motor insurance.

We will not accept any liability for you or your party in respect of death, injury, physical damage, accident, consequential damage or loss of any kind incurred by you or any party involved due to your own negligence.

We are also not liable for your health if any force majeure events occur. governmental restrictions, war and terrorism, weather conditions, accidents and incidents or others that are beyond your control as described in section 6.

Subject to the general terms and conditions on this website, our liability is limited to the price you paid for the service ordered.

7.13) General conditions of contract.

Our terms and conditions are bound by the general provisions of the Riga local government and the laws of Latvia.

Our terms and conditions may change according to the requirements of time, progress, experience of the service and the changing requirements of technical and legal order.  The new terms and conditions will take effect immediately when they are posted on this website for your review.

These terms and conditions apply to your booking agreement with us. In the event of a conflict between our terms and your own, your terms are binding provided they are valid and reasonable, otherwise our terms apply. Your terms and conditions may limit or exclude our liability to you.

7.14) International conventions

Where an International Convention applies to a service offered by us or on behalf of our independent partners and you submit to us a claim of any kind for death, bodily injury, loss or damage during or as a result of that service.

Our liability under the indemnity, to indemnify you and/or pay you an amount of compensation (if any) limited in accordance with and/or in the manner prescribed by international convention (including in each case as to the terms of liability, the time of making an objection, and the manner and amount of the indemnity).

Applicable international Athens Convention 1974; in respect of road transport – Copies of the relevant convention are available on request in any country.

7.15) Travel Insurance.

It is a condition of our contract with you that you and all parties involved take out suitable and adequate travel insurance for your trip, as neither the coaches nor our tour operators are responsible for any liabilities, costs or losses.

You may suffer losses as a result of inappropriate travel.

General travel insurance can be held liable. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance before your trip. Such insurance may be in addition to the compensation under our insurance if an insured event occurs due to our fault.

7.16) Your liability

Please note that you are responsible for your own actions and those of your travelling companions or your group.

You agree on our tours, with the requirements of their staff, officials and inspectors.

If we or our organisers believe that your actions or the actions of your travel companions are causing danger, disturbance or inconvenience to other customers, guests or employees, we and our organisers reserve the right to terminate the service immediately.

In this case, neither the organizer of the service nor the service provider concerned will reimburse you for any expenses incurred as a result of your reckless actions.

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those accompanying you. Take the time to understand and comply with the relevant health and safety regulations required by the relevant promoter, or government agency. Comply with the requirements of the national culture in question. Read the announcements on board the bus and at the attractions.

Keep your vouchers, tickets and boarding passes until their expiry date. The ticket inspector may check them for you at any time. If you do not have tour tickets, you will be dropped off the bus at the first opportunity, regardless of your location. In case of a conflict, the police will be called.

You (or on your behalf the entire group) agree to pay all claims, actions, demands, damages, penalties or otherwise recover costs and expenses of any kind, including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, for losses incurred.

You will also be liable, as set out above, to any third party as a result of your breach of any law or the rights of a third party.

All disputes between us shall be resolved amicably between us or our representatives under the laws of the Republic of Latvia, subject to the terms of this agreement.

Otherwise all disputes shall be resolved by a court of the Republic of Latvia.

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