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In the summer, our double-decker open-top buses depart from the Town Hall Square of the old town between 9:45 and 17:45, every 15-30 minutes. There are 11 main and about 16 additional stops on the routes.

All tours feature pre-recorded commentary of an individual audio guide broadcast via headphones in 10 languages of your choice: 

In total, you will hear about 80 commentaries.

GRAND TOUR along the streets of the 800-year-old city includes two tours – Green and Blue (except Riverside).


The Grand tour runs through the two districts of the city. First, we go to Pardaugava – the left bank of the river Daugava, overlooking the ancient cathedrals of a medieval city with the golden cockerels.

Next, we go to the Center. This is where most city attractions are located. You will pass along the Boulevard Ring, see the famous Monument of Freedom, the Opera House, the Powder Tower, the Cathedral and much more.

The Blue tour also passes through the two districts of the city. First is the district of modern architecture, where you will see the facades of the National Romanticism and decorative Art Nouveau. Then in the district of Moscow suburb, you will see the Riga’s Central Market, the Speakers quarter and the famous Stalin high-rise.

Please note that bus tours around the city are introductory.

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